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Vintage 9009 Keycaps


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I was impressed.

They feel good to type with and for the price the keys exceed expectation. My only complaints are the print on the keys isn't the best and the keycap removal tool leaves marks when removing a key, but the marks can be washed off. Would definitely recommend buying a quality keycap puller if you don't already have one. I'm comfortable recommending this company to keeb newbies like me. As an additional note the f and j keys have added curvature for finger placement.

5 Stars!

Just got this keycap set for my new Keychron K2 keyboard. Great quality for the price and fit perfectly. keycaps do not feel cheap at all. Only drawback was this set does not include the Home or End keycap. Not a deal breaker at all. Will recommend these to anyone. 5 Stars!

This is a great set.

Super nice design, color palette, and installs easily. Looks great with any color keyboard base.

nice and textured

These keycaps are made of PBT, which is about the highest grade of plastic that you can get for your keycaps. I love the flatter profile of the XDA keycaps. The print on the keys is very classic, large, and easy to read. This keycap set contains both peach and sea green keycaps for the function keys, space bar, escape, and enter keys. You can mix and match them until your hearts delight. You even get some extra keys for media keys if your keyboard has them, plus menu and function keys. You get a wide variety of keys that will fit most Cherry MX style keyboards easily. The plastic is nice and textured so your fingers won't slip off the keycaps when you are typing on the keyboard. I would highly recommend these keycaps as an upgrade to ABS keycaps, and for customizing your keyboard in a cute vintage style.

Coming from a GMK /Novelty user

Not bad for a cheap keyset