Marvo KG948 Mechanical Keyboard Bigbang G3

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Jackson Riffe
It does work very nicely and seems like it’s actually built to last.

I suppose it’s ergonomic to an extent.

Nadhir ELADA
Wonderful keyboard! I have had it for over a ...

Wonderful keyboard! I have had it for over a month, and I use it for gaming and lots of writing. It works great for all standard functions.

-Fantastic price
-Gorgeous lighting (backlit with strong colors and completely adjustable with total customization)
-Soft clicks, very quiet for a keyboard
-Zero issues with any of the keys or ghosting, which I what I would expect from a gaming keyboard
-Sturdy feeling, yet not too heavy
-Adjustable feet to suit the height of your hand. Very comfortable even for long periods of use.
Cons (all minor)
-For a while, the backspace and space bar squeaked when pressed occasionally. It was not very noticeable, didn't interfere with any of the functions, and disappeared after a few weeks. Only reason I am including it is because it did irk the perfectionist in me.
-Occasionally the driver doesn't boot up right, so the keyboard lights either turn off or revert to standard lighting. Easily fixed by opening the Synapse driver program.
-The customization driver could be more user-friendly. Once you get the hang of it, it's fun to mess around with!

Overall a fantastic keyboard for the budget. I wanted something that would work with my gaming, but also not be obnoxiously loud as I do a lot of typing.

UPDATE 2/2022: I've now had this keyboard for a year and would not trade it for anything else. It still runs like a dream with absolutely zero issues. The lighting remains strong and no keys have needed replacing/repairing. I would give it 6 stars if possible!

Glenn A. Maningas
Best Keyboard!

Best Keyboard i ever had!

This is the perfect keyboard! I was using a Cynosa non Chroma before and upgrading to the Chroma is the best decision i ever had!
Will continue to buy Marvo products!

George Zeng
Keyboard lights are beautiful and clicking sound is fantastic.

The keyboard does not disappoint. There are multiple light sequences that you can choose (I'm not quite sure the exact number, I think it was around 10). Within each one, you can change directions, speed, brightness, and colors. My favorite is actually the light scheme where every button you press lights up for a second afterwards. It's very versatile. At the same time, the clicking sound each button makes is super satisfying. Finally, macros are available to set up as long as you install the software (you can search it up, or they give you the link).

Jonathan B.
The good and the bad...

The good:
First, let me say the keyboard is sweet. Build quality is top notch. My only complaint with the design is that the I would like a bit more of an angle than the ruler provides. But that may just be a personal preference.

The bad...
I had a switch go bad after about 5 months. I reached out to support and they did offer to repair it, but their terms were unacceptable to me. They wanted me to send them the keyboard at my cost for 10-15 days, then they would return it at their cost. Maybe I am being out of line, but I can not go 15 days without a keyboard, and I don't think I should need to pay anything to get a $160 keyboard fixed that is still under warranty... I would much rather them ship me a replacement and a prepaid label for my old one to return.