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[Marvo Z] Fit Lite - Black


Customer Reviews

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Marilyn J.
Very match my keyboard

I saw this product on Kickstarter but Fit Pro is too expensive for me, the wired mouse is enough for me. The picture is a little bit overexposure, the actual mouse light is very awesome

Andrew J.
Great shape, very sleek

Great shape mouse for small to large hands, feels big at first until you get used to it she said.
All buttons feel top notch , feet are smooth , light cable, no rattle on my copy when shook, nice rubber sides and feels well built, installed the software and set my mouse up then uninstalled it, settings save to mouse but not the RGB.
A great mouse, only way to make it better on the next version is lighten it even more.

Andrew J.
The best mouse I've ever owned!

I was a bit sceptical at first about spending so much on a mouse but I don't regret it at all. This is very comfortable to use both in gaming and within Photoshop. I love that I can quickly change the DPI up or down with the touch of a button. All the buttons are very well placed and I never catch one by mistake. They are all customizable including setting specific DPI per cycle and redefining every button's function. I've found it to be extremely responsive and accurate during gaming and when using Photoshop. Highly recommended!

Fletcher S.
Great mouse

I use this mouse for work (I have the Ultimate Basilisk v2 for gaming) and this mouse is great.Mouse is VERY light.
Left click sounds and feels nice. Right click feels different, a litte bit spongy?

Bob A.
Fantastic mouse, highly recommend!

The mouse is amazing. Marvo has outdone themselves with this one. The sensor is precise and accurate, the switches are clicky, very vivid RGB with bright colours and the shape is perfect! It's not designed for left handed people, but the shape of the mouse makes it very comfortable to use. I highly recommend this mouse to people who are just getting into gaming or are already an avid gamer themselves. Even if you just want a nice mouse that's going to last a long time and aren't a gamer, this is still a very good choice.