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[KG880] Bigbang G1


Customer Reviews

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Love the dedicate media controls

Was able to purchase this from Marvo pro website for only $46! What a steal. The dedicated media controls are super cool. While the real product is a little different from the product page, the media keys are in BLACK! You can also like to adjust lights in different colors(check the user manual)

The keys are nice and tactile but not as loud as a standard mechanical keyboard. If this thing goes on sale, don't even hesitate. This keyboard was probably my best purchase yet.


My first Membrane keyboard, not bad!

Solid Keyboard

- Somewhat low noise compared to other mechanical keyboards
- The keys aren't freaking 2 millions meter long like other similar keyboards
- Key input feedback feels incredibly nice
- Quality cord
- It's beautiful
- It's affordable

- No RGB?

Best Membrane Keyboard Ever!

I'm a huge fan of this keyboard. For the price($46) I absolutely think it's unbeatable. The tactile feedback is the best I've ever experienced (30+ years of typing on various keyboards for work and play). It nice and clicky like a traditional blue-switch mechanical keyboards but not nearly as loud. Even better, it has more resistance than them and also has sort of a 'pop' to its compression when pressing down on the keys (the membrane's contribution).

Think of it sort of like a compound bow; lots of resistance at the initial pull, but once you push past a certain threshold it suddenly pops back to full extension, due to the momentum of pulling past the hardest part of the string's resistance. That's this keyboard! So freakin' sweet.... I can type on it all day and be happy. Keep in mind, a quality membrane keyboard, such as my old keyboard, Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard K740 with Laser-etched Backlit Keyboard and Soft-touch Palm Rest, will give you this feeling as well, but it won't have that added mechanical switch feeling and audible 'click'. Really, it's the marriage between the two techs that make this so wonderful.