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Customer Reviews

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Bolun Tan
Amazing budget mechanical keyboard and mouse

I have nothing but praise for the keyboard. Personally, I got the red switches and they feel great, especially for the pricepoint. The stabilisers are slightly wobbly, but that's a minor detail. The wrist wrest also feels fantastic and is very sturdy and comfortable. The lighting for both the mouse and the keyboard is amazing and the software is very easy to use.

Reliable presses on keys and fast setup

Using the keyboard feels odd for first time as the key press is super fast. Red keys - This will be the best choice of anyone who wants to type fast or play fast paced games. I used it on overwatch and counter strike both seems faster as the press time in lot lower compare to some generic keyboard and blue switches. Wrist wrap is okay not much to say except it feels solid with bottom grips. Mouse on the other hand has loud clicks but not hard to press. Backlit colors/animations on both keyboard and mouse is amazing and at this price point there is also software control which is bonus. Overall and solid value for price.

Gaming keyboard and mouse for cheaper price

Best keyboard and mouse for cheap price. Works perfectly. Great led colors. Good for gaming and would recommend it.

Justin N.
Decent budget offering

I just received this and the mouse is decent and has great lighting. The keyboard lighting is super unique. I’ve never seen anything like it in mechanical keyboards. The switches work fine and the clicks on the mouse are decent. This is overall an amazing deal for a mouse and keyboard combo.

Kris Smart
Great all in one setup

Perfect setup for gaming.

Aluminum base is sturdy and keys are easily detachable for cleaning. The hexagon patterns are also flush with the rest of the keyboard, so there's nowhere for dust to get trapped. The mouse is lightweight, but big enough to comfortably maneuver.

The downloadable software is simple and there are many customization options available, letting you control lighting patters and the colors of individual keys and mouse buttons.

Also included are a wrist pad and a plastic logo necklace, which are nice additions.

Great one-stop purchase for gaming needs!