[KG880] Bigbang G1 - MARVO PRO
[KG880] Bigbang G1 - MARVO PRO
[KG880] Bigbang G1 - MARVO PRO


Marvo KG880 Mechanical Keyboard Bigbang G1

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Mohammed Ahmed
Quiet and light on the wallet

Wanted to get rid of my Logitech G710 that was just inconvenient to use at night, not just for gaming but typing up essays or anything of that matter I had to slowly press each key if I wanted to make sure not to disturb anyone in my home. I understand that there's a difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards but cmon how many of us are actually going to realize or need the difference? So I'd tried to find a quiet keyboard that wouldn't break my wallet and luckily I found this. Some of the reviews are saying it isn't quiet and maybe it's just because I am coming from a pretty loud keyboard but this is quiet, like if you type normally you can barely hear it outside of a room and if you type slower then even better. I honestly don't care about the rgb part but it's there if you need it and it also has a windows lock so that's pretty convenient, only wish I would hope for would be a scrolling volume adjuster, that's the one thing I miss about my g710, it would make changing the volume so much more easier than pressing buttons, but other than that it's a pretty good keyboard.

Evan McCanless Galt
great performance!

I've only had mine for a few days, but the keyboard is solid and the colors look great. It's very heavy for a keyboard and has rubber pads on the bottom, so it doesn't move around at all. Has normal size keys in all the normal places, so no new layout to learn. Colors under the keys are fantastic and all characters are very clear. The keys push solidly down and pop back up perfectly; they don't wobble or catch or torque or anything like that.

I can't speak to durability yet since it's only a few days old, but the braided cord feels strong and the whole thing seems pretty beefy.

Only two mild complaints: for the keys that have two options, like the numbers along the top or symbol keys like ; and : they have the pictures very close together and side by side, so it can be a little disorienting at first when you're used to seeing keys a certain way, but i got over it quick enough. Second minor gripe is color brightness -- it's a tad too bright, even on low -- wish they would have added a 3rd setting even dimmer. I can really only handle the Amber color and only on low, but I really like it, so it's fine for me.

Very stable, very smooth

The gaming button disabled the windows key, just thought you should know.

Its quiet enough, you can still tell when you hit a button, but someone in another room would not be bothered. Someone could probably still fall asleep without being bothered if all they heard me typing all night.

Overall this is fantastic, I like how heavy it is, and it does not move all directions while I'm smashing away raiding in Final Fantasy 14. I didn't realize how much I hated my old keyboard until I used this one. I also love how this keyboard is very sleep and minimal aside from the colors :3

Affordable, decorative, and functions well.

Key caps can be replaced if desired. For the price I don't think its competition are worth mentioning unless you enjoy superficials such as branding. It is wired, and has preprogrammed function keys for volume, fast-forwarding, pausing, rewinding, play/stop, color brightness, and color type/array. I, myself, try to take care of and be gentle with my gadgets so I am unable to say how durable it is. I am sure if used by a younger, angrier crowd, gaming could otherwise prove difficult if the buttons are mashed, slammed, or beaten on too frequently. But most anything isn't meant for that type of abuse anyways.
If you are looking to build a computer but need to budget, but don't want to get too generic on amenities to allocate funds for more important parts, I'd say this keyboard will help you save some money as well as keep some of the accessorized aspects of your build.

Jason Curtis
I'm amazed at the price of this keyboard - it's everything I wanted.

Tl;dnr -> Amazing price with everything I wanted which I couldn't even find with even super expensive keyboards.

I wanted a keyboard that wasn't switches so it was quieter...this is quiet; it's not silent, but it's not clickity at all.

I wanted colors and every type of color option I would want is on it. Solid any color/fades in-out any color/fades in and out through all colors/colors wave across it.

It is controlled by the keyboard; no software required; so I can also use it for work (I wouldn't have been able to install software on my work computer to modify anything). There are just 2 buttons to cycle through everything and the Fn key to adjust colors/speed for each setting. Easy to do and understand.

It is spill resistant...in case I have any spills.

It not only has media keys, but also volume up/down/mute on the keyboard. Awesome.

Has a button that turns the "windows key" off so no accidental pushes takes you out of a game.

The light bar on the top I like. Just an added flair.

Did I mention the price yet? Because it's amazing.

Great 10-key as well.

The -only- thing is it's wired, not wireless...but that can be a good thing as I don't have to worry about batteries or sync issues, so doesn't bother me at all.