[KG945] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG945] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG945] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG945] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO


Marvo Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard Bigbang P3

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Tom S
Great mechanical feel, solid build, bright backlighting

The keyboard lights up in tri color mode. It is not possible to set this keyboard up to light in one solid color. But that is OK. I suspect that the LEDs used for this keyboard are dual colored not true RGB. So one section only lights up in green, blue, or cyan. Another section in red, blue, or magenta. And the third section in red, green, or yellow. But this is OK. I really just want a keyboard that I can use in a subdued lighting environment (since I am working at home, in the basement due to coronavirus) and has brightly lit keys, has a good mechanical feel and good key travel, and seems to be robust. I understand that this keyboard probably cannot be configured to use the real-time dynamically changing colors of Fire Emblem, Skyrim or some other game but I don't need this or care. I use the keyboard for work, not gaming. I just want a solid, robust, backlit keyboard. And for that, this keyboard is wonderful.

Good reliable keyboard

I've had this key bord for about a month now and I like it very much. It isn't that loud and its lights are bright. Over all a good keyboard. my only issue is that its like a work keyboard. its not that responsive (the keys don't come back up fast) and the only thing difrent between them is that the k 10 has lights.

Great for price

Very heavy and sturdy feeling keyboard with mechanical typing feel. The LED lights are impressive and boast three different color settings as well as a mode to cycle through all three... hopefully I attached the three separate modes with no duplicates.

Typing is accurate, responsive and enjoyable.


I need to state up front that I'm not a gamer. I bought this keyboard because my keyboard shelf is in a VERY dark hole under my desktop. It's glorious to be able to actually SEE my keyboard again! And it's gorgeous. I can't figure out how to make it stop "breathing," however. It started breathing while I was asleep. I woke up and went to my desk and it had started "breathing." I followed the instructions that came with the keyboard to try to stop the "breathing," but no cigar. Besides, I'm sure it's user error. I'm probably not understanding the instructions as they are intended. Thankfully, the "breathing" doesn't bother me. This keyboard feels like a quality build. It's heavy for its size and feels quite durable. Plus, I can type as fast as I want and it keeps up with me, no lag at all. It helps that it has exactly the same key positions as the previous keyboard that I had for ten years. Fabulous keyboard I would recommend to anyone!

Kristopher Reddell
Great build physically

This keyboard is the most phenomenal keyboards on how it is built. Each of the keys responsiveness is perfect. I type loud and fast. Hearing the clicks of the keyboard keeps my typing going. The keys are very bouncy. When I type, I strike the keys with my fingers instead of pressing them. Each strike is followed up with a click and it bounces fast. I have been typing on this for a couple of months now and have not broken this one yet from typing so hard on it. The keys are made of plastic and the frame is made out of metal. the back plate is pure metal and takes a beating all day by me. This keyboard stands up for gaming and typing.
Unfortunately, the epic gamer lights on the keyboard are awful. It is so bad. The lights are entirely too dim for me to see in the dark with. I am well aware of the brightness keys on the keyboard. The fact is that with the brightness all the way up, it does not provide enough lighting for me to see.
The build quality is perfect but the gamer lights that I came for are garbage.