[KG934] Bigbang S1 - MARVO PRO
[KG934] Bigbang S1 - MARVO PRO
[KG934] Bigbang S1 - MARVO PRO
[KG934] Bigbang S1 - MARVO PRO
[KG934] Bigbang S1 - MARVO PRO
[KG934] Bigbang S1 - MARVO PRO


Marvo KG934 Mechanical Keyboard Bigbang S1

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Mark R.
Layout is unique

Wow, this is a TKL RGB mechanical keyboard with a numerical pad above the arrow keys. Something definitely different when it comes to TKL keyboards. Outemu Blue switches with 5M keystrokes, 60g actuation forces but 3.8mm full key travel distance. Also, two zones of RGB, top chassis is made of brushed metal and special double-shot injection molded keycaps. Super Cool

Magge Song
Love numberpad!

The Marvo BigBang S1(kg934) is a budget mechanical keyboard that has all of the RGB lighting.

The layout is unique. Instead of the normal navigational cluster, this keyboard uses a numberpad instead. It’s great for me do lots of data entry or Excel-junkies.

There is some additional functionality to it, such as programmable keys, which is pretty cool!

White model review

The actual switches feel and sound good. The weight and feet are great and build quality feels solid. The form factor however needs work... without the +×/- signs being on the numpad it's kinda useless... you will have to reach over and press "ctrl" and "?" Everytime you write a fraction which is all the time in sketchup, revit, and other countless design softwares. I probably should have just bought a separate numpad. The numpad glowing while the rest has no LEDs is weird. The lack of a Caps Lock indication is bad. The keys are kinda a weird off white color, and the writing on them seems very low resolution. The Anne Pro 2 came with beautiful replacement colored keycaps for keys surrounding the letters but these colors are off... they don't seem fun at all... strange hue to them. The quest for the perfect keyboard continues..

Domino Prasky
For Regular Typing Tasks Its Not Bad - Definitely Not For Gaming

I was looking for a mechanical keyboard to use as a working board at my desk during the day and then one I could move over to my gaming PC in the evening. The price on this one was temping at only $40. It came well packaged but as I took the cover sheath off the board key caps fell off the board immediately. They were able to be pressed back on but it wasn't a great first impression. The top of the caps were very narrow and it just didn't do it for me. I was not able to game with it comfortably either. If you are a fan the older retro style mechanical keyboards from the late 80's to early 90s this may do but not for today's working class or gaming computers. This is more of an aesthetic keyboard than one of function. BUT you do have to think - you get what you pay for. For $40 this is one of the cheapest mechanical boards on Amazon so you cant expect PERFECTION. But I was hoping for a little better quality based on the brand maker.

Unique layout with numpad only, Keys and build feel good. Numpad has no +/-/Enter

Update: after using for a while, I found I occasionally missed key actuation too much do the switch operation or type. I also realized the numpad was pretty much useless for 95% of the things you'd want it for because it doesn't have the +,-, and enter keys.

I will re-state that the color combination is great, price was good, and it looks neat if you're a keyboard collector who will put it on display etc.
Original Review:
A keyboard that replaces the rarely used 9 keys of insert, delete, page up, etc. and puts a numpad there instead. Also a cool key color combination. No under key lighting (except a poorly lit numpad.)

Keys: quality feel: heavy plastic and slightly tacky, solid thump, no click that feels good. Color is good, photos are accurate. The keyboard uses an offbrand type of switch and is not hot-swappable. The feel is fine, but longevity could be an issue due to this.

Lighting: The only lighting on the keyboard is under the numpad, when numlock is on, and that lighting does not look good (see photo). However it will usually be off for my use.

Numpad operation: Numpad numbers are activated with Fn+Backspace (numlock), which then lights up the numpad. When off/unlit, those keys instead work as the missing keys like insert and delete.

Is this unique Numpad configuration useful?
#1 Will moving the delete key annoy you too much? Maybe, I haven't decided yet. The other missing/moved keys I never used.

#2 Is a numpad without calculation buttons useful to you? Not having a + - or Enter key on the numpad reduces functionality. Consider a standalone numpad and a typical Tenkeyless keyboard instead?