[KG946] Bigbang S3 - MARVO PRO
[KG946] Bigbang S2 - MARVO PRO
[KG946] Bigbang S2 - MARVO PRO
[KG946] Bigbang S2 - MARVO PRO
[KG946] Bigbang S2 - MARVO PRO
[KG946] Bigbang S2 - MARVO PRO


Marvo KG946 Mechanical Keyboard Bigbang S3

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew K
Great keyboard

really good keyboard for the price!

D. Michel
Really impressed

The puddin key caps for this price range are pretty nice and not super common. They look great along with the rgb. The rgb irl is much more vibrant then the video and photos captured. I inspected the switches and they do look like real geterons. I am a pretty picky person when it comes to keyboards and noticed a few of the switches had springs that were a tad loud. So I went and lubed them. But that is totally unnecessary and most ppl won’t care. Build quality is nothing special but solid and matches with the price. It is nice and light. Cord is a good length. Over all I’m happy with the purchase and this this keyboard is wonderful for the price. I totally recommend anyone looking to build a budget setup.

Ruby Lozano de Angulo
Incredible deal of a Keyboard

It has a good amount of features for the 20$ bucks I got it. I loved so I went ahead and bought another one as a gift for a friend

Thu tran
Under promised over delivered

Love from first sight! This is my first time getting a gaming keyboard, and this keyboard delivers more than what I asked for. There are accessories like key chain and stickers as well. The button are mechanical and feel good to use. The lights aren’t intrusive but soft. Amazing!

Jay Frailey
Almost perfect

Overall texture quality and feel are great and I like the subdued glow of the semi-opaque sides. For the price, these are truly excellent. I do have two, fairly small issues with this set that could bring them from a 4 to a 5.
First, the clarity of some numbers and letters isn't great. They're readable, but the brightness varies and there are black omissions in the otherwise transparent lines of alphanumeric characters. Note how the lower half of the letters are dimmer than the upper regions, especially on S, E, D, and G. There are definite chunks out of # and %. I think there are chunks out of 4, 6, R, and D, but maybe that's "style." These issues affect all keys, not just those in the closeup of the keyboard.
The other smaller issue, is that I really wish the F keys would also have had their functionality in there, without the either/or proposition of Calculator OR F3, Mute OR F9. I guess that's pretty rare for any after-market keycaps I could find. This seems to be something primarily only offered with OEM and non-mechanical keyboards as far as I've been able to tell, so I don't really hold this against them.
For the overall price and quality, I'm quite happy with this purchase.