DAGK Weather Keycap Set - Marvo Pro
DAGK Weather Keycap Set - Marvo Pro
DAGK Weather Keycap Set - Marvo Pro

Marvo Pro

DAGK Weather Keycap Set

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Jake annett
Transformed my entire workstation

I'll definitely be buying more colors in the future.

Connie caracheo
Looks great!

These keycaps are just what I was looking for. Nice and simple, and the LEDs shine right through.

Great Quality

These keycaps feel and look great. Strong shine-through without leakage through the rest of the keycap. They feel smooth, but maintain enough traction. Highly recommend

These look stunning in person

The colors and look of these caps are very vivid and look way better in person than they do in these photos. The crispness of the lettering and the consistency of light coming through is very good for double shot caps like these. If you're getting this to replace some stock ABS caps, you'll definitely feel the quality difference just by how they feel on your fingers.

Overall, quality double-shot PBT caps that feel like they should cost more than they do.

Flashy colors and the fit is nice

The fit of the caps are sturdy and the colors are bright. So far they’ve been holding up nicely.

The keycap is made of durable PBT material, the thickness is about 1.5mm. Due to the stable molecular structure of the material, the PBT keycap is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant and can maintain the initial state of the keycap for a long time.

Ladder keys layout. Adopt high and low key layout to adapt to human hand typing movement arc, and comfortable hand feeling.

Sublimation process, the font is clear and not easy to fade. Opaque fonts. The keycaps can cover the switch light, prevent light from escaping from the keycaps, and create a better side light effect.

Fine texture and good touch. The surface is dry and not easy to fade, allowing you to enjoy every touch experience. With supplement keycaps, you can match them freely as you like. Ergonomics, Cherry profile, smooth lines.


Brand: DAGK
Product Type: Keycap Set
Theme: Weather
Color: Blue / Green / White
Material: PBT
Language: English
Profile: Cherry Profile
Number of Keys: 143 Keys
Ergonomics: Support
Printing Method: Sublimation
Character Translucent: No
Applicable Layout: 143 Keys Suitable for 61/63/64/66/67/68/71/82/84/87/96/98/100/104/108 Keys Mechanical Keyboards

Package Included:

1 x 143 Keys Weather Keycap Set