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HG9053 Stereo Gaming Headset Sale

  • $49.99
  • Regular price $62.90
  • Full audio immersion in games with 7.1 surround sound 
  • Excellent audio quality with powerful bass sounds and clear treble 
  • Detachable microphone arm In-line remote control 
  • Red LED backlight

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HG9053 Stereo Gaming Headset


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Angela M. Bean
Good value/fit/comfort

Bought these for my teenagers for gaming but also for general use for their devices and think they're a great value for the price. They are well made - better than others I've bought them in the past for a similar price-, comfortable and have good sound quality. I like that the microphone detaches so they can be used to listen to music or watch videos. I haven't bought Steel Series before. Will definitely buy again,

Cristian Pavel
Deserve it

Pros: they have a very good sound insulation, as they have all the headphones over the ear
. They sound very good even with the volume at maximum
. You can take it out. And as with any headset, you can change the size to your liking

J Stansfield
The audio quality is great

Can't believe the quality for the price. I have only had this headset a couple of weeks so maybe it will break but so far it's better than the many different and more expensive headsets I have owned and broken and it cost under $50. Sound quality is great. It also works well as a phone headset. Great value.

Very good value, and great headset overall!

I have several pairs of headphones, earbuds, headsets, etc...And after trying these out, these are my new favorites! I don't have a way to test out the noise cancelling part of the microphone, but recording seems very clear. But most of all, they are just very comfortable. They seem to be built pretty well and sound great! I usually have equalizer pre-sets for each set of headphones, but on these I just set everything to neutral and they offer very comfortable, warm listening. I don't think the picture shows it that well, but the headband is padded. The ear cups are very soft and comfortable. I usually get headaches from either the headband or headphones clamping too tight, but these are just very nice.

Great Build Quality

The headphones themselves are quite large in size. They have some of the widest earphones that wrap around the earlobes well.

The speakers themselves are held on a tiara with a plate and can rotate at a certain angle. You can also see the well-known system for expanding and narrowing the headphones, so that they better fit any size.

The headphones are excellent in comfort, the earphones are soft and, as I said, quite wide. The tiara is lined with leather band.

The headphones are completely black, with a mesh surface on the outside and a gray ring in the middle, where the red Marvo Scorpion logo glows in red.

You also have software with which you can control the headphones, but from what I was able to understand, the settings are quite basic, for the microphone and headphones and you can safely go without the program.

More interesting is the digital controller. It has three buttons on one side, which are used to reduce and increase the volume and to mute the microphone, which is quite convenient.