[KG947] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG947] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG947] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG947] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG947] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG947] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO
[KG947] Bigbang G2 - MARVO PRO


Marvo KG947 Mechanical Keyboard Bigbang G2

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Poe G.
Solid keyboard for the money - macro feature disappoints

Purchased this keyboard for work, specifically because I needed an on-board macro function for some highly repetitive tasks at work. I was looking between this and the K55 (Corsair) and ended with this one (it was roughly half the price at the time.)

Unfortunately, the primary purpose I got it for, the macro recording function, didn't work for what I needed it. There is no way to "delay" the key presses so when you record, it executes them as quick as possible. While this may not be an issue in some cases, I was using it for things such as login IDs or specific strings of text and was hoping to be able to combine tab and enter presses, but because they all "process" so quick, the programs I am using aren't meant to go that fast and it ends up failing.

So if you need something to execute with delays or specific timing, this doesn't do that. (If I have just not figured out how, please reply and let me know and I can update accordingly!)

Otherwise, I have garnered a LOT of attention at my desk since it glows and looks like it's worth a lot more than it is. So it's a spectacle, especially in an office where the basic Dell keyboards are everywhere.

Katie Elizabeth
I have bought this keyboard 3 times.

The first time I bought this keyboard it was for my son-in-law. He still uses it. And that was over 1 years ago. His seems to be manufactured slightly differently and is more audible. I liked his so much I ordered one too. Both of these were in black. I built a white pc this year and had a mechanical keyboard, which I love, from Marvo. But sometimes the clickity clackity gets to me. So I bought the white version of this board and I love it too. It seems so soft to my ears compared to the black one I had before. Not sure what's happening in manufacturing of this keyboard. But it seems to be less and less noisy as the years go by when you buy a new one. Anyways. If you like quiet keyboards, this is a great choice! The only thing that makes noise is the spacebar and shift keys because they have the metal bracket beneath them. But it's not too bad.

I don't really recommend this keyboard for gaming. The feedback of this board is slooooow. Meaning it will take you way too long to log a keystroke compared to a real gaming keyboard that has optical/mechanical switches. But this is a lovely keyboard for typing out essays for schools or working from home.

It's also really pretty! The RGB isn't addressable by any means similar to iCUE or Razer software methods, but it's still cute enough on regular 'ol static and rainbow effects included in the onboard chip if you aren't too picky.

Good value

I use a lot of macros for my work, and wanted to save some time instead of making Auto Hot Key scripts. So I wanted to get a mechanical keyboard with macro keys on the left side. Once I saw this had onboard memory, and that the equivalent mechanical keyboard with left side macro keys (that did not have onboard memory) was $180, I decided to give this one a try instead.
Little squishy feeling at first, but easy to get used to.
Macro keys are in the perfect place.
Onboard recording is sweet, although I don't use it much and wouldn't pay more for it now that I've had the option and see I don't use it much.
Colors are nice

Good keyboard, with a good wrist rest. :)

10/10, would bust a nut again. Feels pretty tactile, and not like a membrane keyboard. The Switches feel pretty good and the wrist rest is extremely comfortable.

Pros-Looks good, KG947 is really easy to use.

Cons-I wish single key lighting was better, but it wasn't a problem for me.


Angel caracheo
So comfortable

I love it! I got it for the arm rest since my hand always gets tired after playing a lot and I have to say that I feel it very comfortable. The only thing is that it has like a little hole in the middle, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I got the blue switches and they sound ver clicky. Which I like it, but the blue switches are better for typing. I would say the the red ones are better while gaming. I like the RGB and it has a lot of options and patterns, but the color light stays the same.