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Marvo KG962-61 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Sale

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Marvo KG962-61 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Black / Blue Switch


Customer Reviews

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Aaron Butts
Best budget 60%

I have had quite a few small mechanical* keyboards and by far this one is the best. Now note that it uses gateron optical so that is why it isn't a full mechanical, however for me it feels the exact same as cherry MX.

The most notable thing about it for me is the materials that it is made out of. The PBT plastic is top-notch and is the same material for both the keycaps and the housing. Most other boards at this price range have a much cheaper plastic that shows oil from hands and shows it's age quickly but this one is built to last. The deck flex too is minimal and you can tell from the weight that this is a robustly built board.

I swapped out the factory keyset with a pvc one of my own but honestly I'm thinking of switching back because the originals were quality.

In the box it comes with a braided usb-c cable, wire cap puller, and switch puller so that you can fully customize this board by swapping in reds or blues, and even comes with 2 spare switches in case any of them break.

All in all, this is the best budget 60% keyboard and is a great first entry into the world of keebs.

Brian M.
Great price, great product.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this keyboard, given the price. "DIERYA" is not a brand I'm familiar with, but that could entirely be attributed to my own ignorance. Regardless, this keyboard was a pleasant surprise. The material is quality PBT, and the keys all feel solid, as do each of the switches. The frame is made of the same material, and they keyboard has some deceptive heft to it, given the size.
The lighting options on the keyboard are numerous, as are the available colors. The software is fairly easy to understand, and the keyboard has built-in macros to quickly switch between modes, colors, speed, and brightness. The keyboard also features FN macros for screen brightness, volume, media control, and a WIN key lock, and SPACE lock.
Another great thing about this keyboard is the ease at which both the keys and switches are changed. Both are very simple "plug and play" installation, which makes experimenting and customizing a breeze. Packaged with the keyboard were the needed tools for both, and a quality braided USB cord with a 90 degree angle. Overall, this keyboard has many pleasant considerations from the manufacturer, and I would recommend it to anyone.

My favorite keyboard!

Went from a full size mech and won't be going back. I've already replaced some of the keys with PBT pudding caps just to customize it a little. The switches have been responsive and there has been no fading of the color of the top of the caps, especially on the WASD keys.
Granted, it took a day or two to get used to the smaller size but after trying out the old full size again just for kicks it really is a no brainer for me to stay with this 60% board.
It's solid and well built and doesn't feel cheap at all. I felt I got a ton of value for the price paid.

Very good option for the price

This is my first time using a 60% keyboard. For the price I don’t think you can beat this. This keyboard is a great keyboard. The removable usb-c is great. The keyboard is small to carry in a backpack. The rgb works, there is some small over lapping when in the wave mode but that doesn’t bother me. I bought the blue optical switch one. The blue switches to me are not that loud compared to other cheap Chinese keyboards I have bought. However you do have the option to change the switches to other optical switches. Key caps are good how they come. However if you really want the rgb to shine go ahead and replace the keys with some HyperX pudding keys. I replaced mine and boy could I not be happier. If your thinking of this keyboard just go ahead and get it. You will not regret it.

Jacob Arnold
Stop thinking and buy this keyboard

I received this keyboard and I have had it now for 24 hours. I had to come on here to tell other people that if they are on the fence about this product, to stop thinking and buy it! This thing is awesome. Go online and download the Kemove driver and you are set. The lighting is easy to change and to customize, thanks to the software. The size is perfect, it feels and sounds very solid (doesn't feel cheap in the slightest), the keys feel durable, and the whole thing looks very nice and understated. It even comes with a nice braided usb-c cable that has a right angle connector.

I am in love with this thing. Right now I see zero cons and I just want to sit here and type. The brown switches seem to be just right.

Buy it!