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Marvo KG972W Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard Sale

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High-Cost Performance Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard/Gasket Mount Design/98% Hot-Swappable Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard/Three connection modes

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Vendor: Marvo Pro

Type: Keyboards

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Marvo KG972W Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard - Tiffany / Sea Sale Switches (Tactile)


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Exceeds expectations

My second mechanical keyboard, is indeed surprised to me, out of the box to take in the hands of the heavy. The light effect is particularly cool, cherry pink switches although playing the game does not have the sound of the blue switches so feel, but the feel is particularly good, playing the word will love to let go. It's much better than my previous MSI cyan switches.

Very beautiful

Overall evaluation: upscale Pressing touch: very good Product material: new full environmental protection material Response speed: very fast
Connection speed: plug and play
Large keys feel good, Gasket structure, soft elastic, with silicone switches under the pad, silicone sandwich, with their own bought Pikachu, work typing mood beautiful!

Excellent price/performance

Conscience product, excellent price/performance, tri-mode gasket. The boss is heart to do the product, and respect the customer
Appearance experience: fine, quality, very good-looking. RGB light effect cool
Connection speed: fast, did not experience the delay
Pressing touch: this is a bit problematic. Although the sea salt switches are very comfortable and like. But this is the advance paragraph switches, the goods do not say clearly, paragraph starting point does not mean that there is a sense of paragraph. To tell the truth, I did not feel the obvious paragraph. If you want the same paragraph feeling as the blue switches are not suitable, equal to spend money, but want to experience the fourth category of excellent feel, then you can definitely enter, because this switches has a kind of hand, and inhale the feeling of pleasure

Typing is Cool

The keyboard is very ok, typing is very cool and the connection is quite fast. Typing sound is the most comfortable-sounding keyboard I've bought so far. There are 21 types of backlighting, and it will automatically standby to save power. This color is too match this summer.


The keyboard is very comfortable, the overall quality is particularly good, the sea salt switches are very durable.