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Customer Reviews

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Good Budget Mechanical Keyboard and mouse

This mechanical keyboard and mouse are awesome for the price. I was really trying to not have a boring setup so I wanted as much RGB I could get. Many cool lighting effects and brightness control on the keyboard and mouse. Once you get used to mechanical feel you'll fall in love with mechanical keyboards. Everytime I use normal keyboards after using this keyboard it just doesnt feel right. On mechanical keyboards every button has a satisfying click. The mouse has two buttons on the side. As well as two on top above the scroll wheel to control mouse rgb light settings as well as 6 DPI settings. Mouse is smooth and I have never had any problems with either mouse or keyboard for the 6 months or so that I've had them. 5 stars from me.

Gaming Peripherals for a Fraction of the Price

During this stay at home order, I got a lot of requests from family asking to build a gaming PC for them, but on a limited budget. It’s great to have an RGB themed gaming peripherals but is way too expensive. I was a little skeptical getting this Havit brand, but after using it, I’m now a believer.

If there is one thing that left a bitter taste on me, it’s the packaging. I’m quite annoyed that I have to pull out the keyboard and mouse from the small side of the box, all other KB boxes I had opens from the top. But other than that, everything is great. First, the build quality, the top frame is made of aluminum. It feels very durable and can hardly flex at all. Both the mouse and keyboard have braided cables, which I believe should become the standard for PC peripherals. The detachable palm rest is made of plastic and not cushion. Although I feel that the palm rest is fine for a couple of hours playing, but some people may find it hard on the wrist for longer periods of time, but you can always remove it if you don’t like it. Both the KB caps and mouse are made of premium plastic, similar materials you’ll get from those $200 branded ones. I love mechanical keyboards, and this keyboard uses the blue switches. The keys are very clicky, and yet a little softer or less resistance compared to other blue switches. I would say the key feels something in between of blue and brown switches. I played a couple of fast paced FPS games, and the response time for both KB and mouse is outstanding. No lag or missed keys while playing. One thing about the mouse, is that although it has 6 different DPI settings, it doesn’t have 1200 DPI whish is the one I got used too. But the 1600 DPI setting doesn’t feel a whole lot of different anyways and should be good for the majority.

Overall, I am surprised how good this keyboard and mouse combo is. Is it great for gaming? Oh yeah it is great. Is it good for everyday casual use? Of course, yes. Is it durable? Solid aluminum frame, yes. Will I buy this again? Definitely. Highly recommended.

Jesse P.
Amazingly Premium Keyboard!

Wow. I never could've imagined that you could get a premium mechanical keyboard with full RGB lighting for such a great price! You can even customize your own lighting layouts and it remembers your configurations. The build is solid and the included palm rest is appreciated. I know there's some mixed feelings about the included mouse, but if you have larger hands like myself it's actually pretty nice.

Let's be honest, the keyboard alone is worth the price and if you hate the mouse you can always invest in a different one later on. The blue switches in the keys are pretty noisy, but you can noticeably dampen them with some clear o-rings for a couple of bucks. After spending days looking at my options, I can say with certainty that anyone looking for a cool RGB keyboard will be blown away by this one. Watch my video review for more information.

Buena compra


Fantastic keyboard+mouse+pad for gaming and office use

Both the keyboard and mouse are of high quality. They can satisfy my requirement for office and game usage. The large mouse pad can both the keyboard and mouse which is comfortable. I would recommend this choice to my friends.