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Customer Reviews

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Best keycaps for the price

These keycaps feel like they are made very well, in addition they fit perfectly with my switches and my keyboard. They sound great and at the price point, these are unbeatable.

nice for typing

These feel really good for typing not so much for gaming

4.0 out of 5 stars You get what you pay for. But what you get is really good.

This is a great cheap set of keycaps but there is no way they are going to last las long as more expensive keycaps like doubleshots, since the legends are dye-sublimated.

Touching the sides of the keycap you can feel that they are indeed PBT plastic, but the legends (the top of the keycaps) have this very smooth finish that is very much unlike other PBT caps, to the point they kind of feel like ABS. There are some other important caveats.

1) You can also see a few production errors, like jagged edges that haven't been smoothed over on some caps, but it's all been at the base of the cap, and it's very minor so it can be easily ignored.

2) The space bar has no extra plastic on the inside for support, so it's liable to warp, though this doesn't happen often.

3) These caps scratch easily, ESPECIALLY with the crap keycap puller they give you. A dingy black little plastic puller that clamps so tight it left some scratch marks on the keys I was pulling. Use a wire puller and be careful, the scratches don't go away easy and these aren't a set of GMKs (though to be fair, these are a third of the price of a set of GMK samurai).

1) All that being said, they look very pretty, the green color is more pronounced in person than any photo on the page shows. It's gorgeous actually. The seemingly white keys are actually a really nice shade of olive. The fact that its a uniform profile, in my opinion, elevates the keyboard's aesthetic alot.

2) It comes with all the keys you could ever want for any size keyboard you're using, even the esoteric sizes like 75% or 65%. With one unit shift, control, alt, and win buttons as well as a shorter shift of 1.25 units.

3) These guys are huge, basically think of the size of the Row 4 keys on an OEM profile, but for the entire board. ZDA is a good profile if you are looking for that deep THOCK sound cause it makes that in spades.

4) Despite not being doubleshots, they are surprisingly thick, which is a nice surprise for knockoff Chinese keycaps. The thickness helps with the thock sound I mentioned earlier. These are definetly not the keypcaps that came with your cheap $40 mechanical keyboard with nondescript switches (but they ain't GMKs either).

So these are good enough quality for the price, and they look and sound great, you can always replace the spacebar, and being PBT means they shouldn't shine too badly after a while. Only time can tell how the legends will fair after a year.

Really great if you like XDA keycaps

These are labeled as ZDA similar to XDA but I can't tell the difference. I think ZDA is slightly taller. The colors are really nice, the keycaps feel great, and the language options are a nice feature.

Just be aware that ZDA/XDA keycaps are all the same height. The top row of keys are not taller than the bottom row like with Cherry keycaps. If that's something you like, then XDA is a good choice.