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[MARVODIY] Re-defined 68 Wireless Hot-swappable Mechanical Keyboard Kit Sale

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Dip switch/Three connection modes/Multi-layer, silent boat structure - Tray Mount/Hot-swappable PCB layout/RGB with music rhythm 

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Type: Keyboard Kit

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[MARVODIY] Re-defined 68 Wireless Hot-swappable Mechanical Keyboard Kit - kit


Customer Reviews

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Hakan Yoztyurk
Great kit for a low price

The keyboard sounds and feels amazing with a bit of additional modding. Plate mount stabilizers are snug and didn't require wire balancing but with clipping, lubing, and holee mode they become decent stabs. I don't use rgb effects but if someone like rgb, there are a lot of rgb effect variations and it is bright.

Great package for the price!

I didn't have any major expectations with this keyboard when I ordered it. On paper, it ticked all the boxes for me; mechanical ,switches, 65% size, Wired/wireless, hotswappable PCB, and included RGB. But I was skeptical because it wasn't a familiar brand to me.
I was pleasantly surprised.
Overall, some great features of the board are that it's wireless and that it's hot-swappable. Combined, these features give you a lot of versatility in what you can do with the keyboard.The thing that surprised me most right out of the box was how smooth the large key presses were. There's no rattle on any of the larger keys including the spacebar.
The RGB is also incredibly bright and vibrant with a ton of different modes, colors, and brightness settings to choose from.Needless to say, I'm incredibly impressed with this keyboard and will most likely be purchasing another one to use as my office keyboard.

Feels great to type on and easy to customise.

The RD68 is a solid, decent spec mechanical keyboard that offers so much value. Straight out of the box it’s an excellent keyboard, feels great to type on and very responsive.

In addition to the keyboard there is also a keycap and switch puller, non-braided usb-c cable (this is a wired only device) and instructions included in the box. This is an ANSI layout keyboard (US) so there will be differences to that of the ISO layout used in the UK.

It’s hot swappable meaning you can easily replace the switches with other 3 and 5 pin switch variants to suit your preferred typing feel and the keycaps are removable so you can personalise it later. The stabilisers are pre-lubed, but easy to access if you want to make any adjustments. There’s also a layer of foam between the plate and PCB which helps dampen any pinging from the springs.

The RGB can all be controlled from the keyboard using shortcuts and software is also available. Which actually leads to my biggest gripe which is that it’s so difficult to read the legends on the grey keys. It means having to have the backlight on permanently. This is likely less of an issue on the white model.

All in all, great value if you’re looking for a good starter mechanical keyboard with everything you need to customise down the line.

A Perfect Compromise Between Size & Heft to Be Your Double-Duty Keyboard For Home/Office And Travel

Best keyboard I have ever tested and owned for several key reasons:
- Competively priced for high-end;
- Perfect layout and configuration;
- Hotswappable switches (if you need it);
- Discreet frame and unbranded outer bezel;
- Reassuring weight and perfectly stable base;
- Superb backlighting features and customisation;
- Warm, even backlighting over the entire keyboard.
Do not hesitate, just buy this keyboard. You will not regret it.

Great first hot-swappable keyboard.

Was introduced to this keyboard through some YouTube channels. So far I'm very happy about this keyboard. My main criteria was to get a hot-swappable keyboard so that I could try out different switches.

- The keys seem thick and sturdy and doesn't have a cheap feel.
- When I took the keyboard apart to change the switches I noticed that there was padding between the metal plate and the PCB board itself, this is another reason why this keyboard was already quiet when I got it.
- The keyboard is very light so it isn't too much of a burden carrying this keyboard around.
- It also comes with a helpful pamphlet describing other functions of the keyboard such as media keys, switching between RGB modes, etc.
- The lighting on this keyboard is great and has plenty of options.

So far I'm happy with this keyboard and would recommend to anyone who's looking for an inexpensive keyboard to try and experiment with.