[HG9052] SkyLab G2 - MARVO PRO
[HG9052] SkyLab G2 - MARVO PRO
[HG9052] SkyLab G2 - MARVO PRO
[HG9052] SkyLab G2 - MARVO PRO


[HG9052] SkyLab G2 Stereo Gaming Headset

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Mike C
5.0 out of 5 stars Offers a lot for the price!

I was very impressed when I received this headset. My daughter needed something to replace an older headset and is new to PC gaming. The headset is lightweight but still has nice comfort with the over ears cups. The quality of the cables also is very nice at this price point. My daughter liked the ability to remove the microphone also if she was just listening to music. The sound quality is actually quite nice. The sound is not muddy but still has some clear treble which I really like. I am also very impressed with the quality of the bass and no distortion with even heavier music and games. The mute button is easily accessible, I thought pushing it in would be on but it is the opposite. I like that it offers multiple platform use also. She uses them on the PS4 and also the PC. I also like for being lightweight they are still sturdy which is definitely a plus in my book! Are these headphones $200 quality no but at this price point they meet all of my expectations for a long day of gaming or music listening.

Edward J. Grant
The perfect headset at a perfect cost.

I was critical of a different pair from this company, but this pair is literally the best headset I've owned. You take the earpad design of their previous model, add better clamping pressure, add a better microphone, and add 7.1 surround sound. These honestly in my opinion should cost more as for 50$, there are literally no better headset out there. Compare these to the Logitech G Pro and the Hyper X Cloud II which this design is based off of and take those two headsets and charge half the price of it and you have this headset. This is literally a takstar pro 82, but cheaper than the takstar pro 82. What a brilliant pair, and I am surprised that they haven't got the traction and the demand that they deserve. This company also has great support, one of the best I have seen in a headphone company. I am so impressed and this is why you support the small businesses. I honestly might buy another pair that is how good this headset is. The only con is that the scorpion poster is a little frightening and may scare a child if you decide to buy this headset, so you might want to remove the poster before giving the item as a birthday or holiday gift.

Harry Sullivan
Worth every penny

Fantastic sound, very comfortable, would recommend!

Amazing headset!

The headphones are very comfortable and the set is very esthetically pleasing, it looks really nice. It isn't too heavy and it doesn't hurt your ears. The sounds is great, the 7.1 surround sound sounds amazing. The headset is quality made and feels smooth and nice, looks like a very complete and finished product. The mic sounds great and the retractability feature is super super awesome. Overall this is an amazing headset, another great product from Marvo. Sounds amazing, looks amazing, feels amazing, and is built to suit anyone's specific needs. Highly highly recommend.

Hussian M.
Amazing sound quality and comfy to the ear

This is very comfy when playing for hour and the audio quality is amazing.