[G961] SunSpot S1 - MARVO PRO
[G961] SunSpot S1 - MARVO PRO
[G961] SunSpot S1 - MARVO PRO
[G961] SunSpot S1 - MARVO PRO


[G961] SunSpot S1

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Customer Reviews

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Great budget mouse

Perfect mouse if you're not trying to break the bank. Great quality and I would purchase again.

Todd Kephart
Fun mouse. My son loves it

Responsive and light. The colors are awesome. My son stole it from me as soon as he saw it.

P. Sweeney
Perfectly well constructed mouse at a good price

I've been trying out a few wired mice for art projects. I was tired of Bluetooth or rf mice lagging on me. This mouse works great has fun lights and a durable long fabric cord.

Chinmoy Samant
Nice mouse with programmable buttons

Good affordable gaming mouse.
The honeycomb design looks great with RGB backlight, and also makes the mouse lightweight.
Programmable buttons work great with Windows and comes with 6 DPI configurations.
Wire is braided and the quality is really good for the price.
A minor con is that the RGB backlight is not customizable, but that's okay for this price.

Beautiful beyond expectation

The first and foremost thing that caught my attention with this mouse was the hexagonal design with the leds underneath it. I thought it looked super cool and if the led quality was going to be anywhere near the pictures, I would be happy. Upon receiving the mouse, I was beyond impressed from the outside of the box all the way down to the insides. The packaging, although simple, felt premium. The design and presentation of it showed that it isn't just another light up mouse, but rather a product that clearly has thought, care and quality put into it. As for the mouse itself, I had my expectations continue to be exceeded. Upon plugging it in, it had absolutely no issues with any of the buttons or tracking. Everything worked as intended. What was most impressive was the quality of the leds. Like mentioned earlier, I did not expect it to look as good as the pictures did. In all honesty though, it looked way cooler and better in person. Neither the advertisements nor my own pictures justify how great it looks and performs. Out of the box, the mouse will cycle a rainbow patterned animation. You can also change the mouse sensitivity with the little button under the scroll wheel and it will flash a solid color indicating you changed the profile and then go back to the animation. There are a total of 5 profiles that are preloaded with the only difference being the sensitivity. Using the software that is mentioned in the advertisement, you can customize it to your hearts content with sensitivity, what colors it cycles and creating macros. The software needs to be downloaded as there is no disc that comes with it.