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Weighted metal frames/It supports hot swap/Powerful software support

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Vendor: Marvo Diy

Type: Keyboard Kit

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Customer Reviews

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So good... but so expensive...

I'm not sure if this is the actual price you need to pay for this level of quality or they are taking advantage of the fact that people WILL pay for this kind of quality, but the fact remains that this is a really quality keyboard, for a crap ton of money. If you have the passion and the wallet, you will be ecstatic with purchase. The box white switches are my favorite because they feel so light but keep that clicky tactile sound.

Amazing quality but a bit smaller/louder than I thought.

This keyboard is the most solid mechanical keyboard I have ever owned. The quality is incredible. The layout is a bit smaller than I had thought so it made typing a little more challenging to start until I was used to the new layout. My only real concern was how loud even the quieter keys are. Not suitable for a quiet office environment unfortunately--you'd drive your office mates nuts.

Essentially perfect keyboard

Best mechanical keyboard! It‘s a perfect form factor and looks amazing. I also love the removable switches so I can change the feel entirely without soldering.

Highly Recommend

"Amazing product. The switches are hot swap so you can replace them with any switch you like.

Life changing

This keyboard is life changing. I wish I bought this years ago. Typing has never felt more satisfying, and it's footprint is nice and minimal. Not having a dedicated tilde key takes some getting used to, but it's a trade-off I'm happy to make. Only took me a couple hours to get acclimated to the layout. And the quality of this thing is top notch.