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Dip switch/Three connection modes/Multi-layer, silent boat structure - Tray Mount/Hot-swappable PCB layout/RGB with music rhythm 

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Customer Reviews

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The perfect portable, customizable, wireless mechanical keyboard

Go to the website to download the most recent version of the drivers. (URL is on the instruction manual) Once you do, you can use the software to set up the keyboard.
Note: mine also included a cable, switch puller, and key puller which wasn't listed. I already purchased these before the KB arrived just in case.
Information about the keyboard:
The included key stabilizers are a little soft and feel like switch dampeners are installed. It's not a big deal if you plan on installing dampeners, but if you like a clack to your space bar, backspace, shift, and enter key, you might want to swap them out.
The rest of the KB feels solidly built. The plastic housing is nicely textured and feels rigid. There's no flex when you push on it from any of the sides.
The LEDs are dimmer than I've seen on some keyboards, but hopefully this translates to better battery life.
Layout is a bit unique, so if you use a standard set of keycaps, you'll have to get creative. I don't mind the random keys I had to throw in, but if you want a set that matches, YMDK has a few different sets for this layout.
Bluetooth setup is easy. The instructions cover the pairing process. The keyboard can be used wired or wireless. Switching between the two is almost instantaneous.
The keyboard has a good weight to it.
The feet aren't adjustable, but they keep the keyboard in place.

it's trying its best...
Navigating the software is a little perplexing. It's workable, but I don't always understand it. I'm using the default settings for now, but I'll try macros and layers later.

for the price, this keyboard checks all of the boxes that I was looking for. I wanted to try unique switches and have a good keyboard for my media center. It's a unique specimen with bluetooth, a 65% layout, RGB, hot swappable switches, and full programmability. I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone who wants a small wireless keyboard.

I feel almost cheated that I have wasted years on cheap plastic boards of yonder

We interface though the keyboard, yet it gets little to no love. I feel almost cheated that I have wasted years on cheap plastic boards of yonder. This keyboard will either A) be the last keyboard that you will ever buy or B) be the first REAL keyboard, in a line of keyboards that you will eventually buy because you've been bitten by the custom keyboard bug. Let me explain.

This keyboard is so robust and sturdy and heavy with aluminum that it feels premium beyond belief. The sound that the pure metal alloys and thick plastic keycap produce is a thick satisfying THOCK underneath your fingertips. pillowy springs, LED light shining through and and the mechanical feel of the whole experience is almost overwhelming. This keyboard will surely make you regret wasting years on cheap plastic.

The Hot Swap ability of the pcb board opens up option to a niche world that you didn't even know existed. I don't know what else I can say, it's made me more productive. Typing is truly a joy and no longer a chore .

Super Keeb

Amazing mechanical keyboard. Very solid, very customizable. It was in my wish lost for a long time and I am excited to finally experience typing on RD68. I can highly recommend the keyboards for every keyboard enthusiast.


Very satisfied so far with the kit.

This board has no right to be as good as it is, and backed by even better customer service

Fantastic kit for the price, comes with both case foam and pcb pad for sound dampening.

I ran into a little bit of an issue with their software while trying to remap certain keys, but the support team were able to debug the issue and kept me in the loop the whole time. In the end, their team came up with an update to the software to fix my issue, and everything is working as expected!

Great product, great service.